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A Woman Holds Her Abdomen And Waters A Plant, Representing Incontinence Issues That Can Be Treated With Axonics Therapy

Axonics Therapy 101: Your Incontinence Solution

Millions of people experience incontinence. Learn how cutting-edge Axonics therapy can help you regain the quality of life you deserve.
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A Happy Older Woman Enjoys A Family Gathering Worry-free Thanks To Cutting-edge Incontinence Treatment

Is Urinary Incontinence a Normal Part of Aging?

Incontinence or bladder leakage is common as we age, but it isn’t an inevitable consequence of getting older. Hear what our experts have to say.
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A Woman With Endometriosis Consults A Trusted Physician Like The Ones At The Endometriosis Treatment Center Of America

Endometriosis 101: Symptoms and Treatment Options

If you have questions or concerns about endometriosis, including symptoms and treatment options, the Endometriosis Treatment Center of America has answers.
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A Woman Holds A Pregnancy Test. Many Women With Endometriosis Struggle With Infertility.

Hope and Heart: Handling Infertility with Endometriosis

Up to 50% of women with endometriosis struggle with infertility, even if they don’t know they have it. Fortunately, treatment options are available.
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A Compassionate Nurse Reassures A Woman Before For Robotic Excision Surgery For Endometriosis.

How to Prepare: Robotic Excision Surgery for Endometriosis

Have you been scheduled for minimally invasive robotic excision surgery for endometriosis? Click for helpful tips on how to prepare.
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An Experienced Surgeon Performs Robotic Excision Surgery For Endometriosis

What is Robotic Surgery for Endometriosis?

If you have been diagnosed with endometriosis and your…

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Endometriosis Can Be Treated With Robotic Surgery Or Laparoscopic Surgery

Laparoscopic vs. Robotic Surgery for Endometriosis

According to statistics released by the WHO, around 190…

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Urinary Incontinence

5 Types of Urinary Incontinence and Bladder Leakage

Have you ever leaked a bit when you’ve coughed?…

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Endometriosis Center

5 Important Questions to Ask Your Doctor About Endometriosis

When you’re diagnosed with endometriosis, you experience a lot…

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A Person Posing For The Camera

10 Frequently Asked Questions About Endometriosis Treatment

It’s likely that when you were first diagnosed with…

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A Group Of People In A Room

The Endometriosis Treatment Center of America: What We Treat and How We Treat It

Welcome to the Endometriosis Treatment Center of America. If…

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