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The Healthy Woman Show on Detroit's WJR 760AM

The Healthy Woman Show is your podcast source for everything women’s health. Our podcast was inspired from the patients who we have see’s in our offices who struggle to find expert healthcare, reliable information, and answers to their most sensitive (and often embarrassing) women’s health questions. The Healthy Woman Show is hosted by Dr. Jonathan Zaidan, MD, FACOG and Marie Osborne from Detroit’s renowned WJR 760AM radio station.

Join us, and a variety of healthcare experts and community leaders, as we aim to discuss taboo topics in women’s healthcare and empower women to make informed decisions to live happier, healthier lives.

Podcast Episodes

Endometriosis Awareness

This month, we highlight endometriosis and minimally invasive surgery, like robotic surgery.  March is endometriosis awareness month and our goal is to educate and empower women to get the answers that they deserve.  Featuring special guests Melissa Boudreau, endometriosis advocate, and Margaret Dimond, CEO of McLaren Oakland Hospital. Click Here!

Infertility and Endometriosis

In recognition of National Infertility Awareness Week in April, Women’s Excellence aims to educate women on their treatment options, including minimally invasive robotic surgery, to help them become pregnant. This month also features 2 on air patient testimonials on overcoming infertility, endometriosis, and severe pelvic pain. Click Here!

New Endometriosis Center of America

Endometriosis is a condition that is not talked about enough!  Learn more about the symptoms and treatment options you have if you are struggling with abnormal periods, pelvic pain, and even infertility.  We’re also excited to provide more information on our new center called The Endometriosis Center of America that serves as a designated, expert medical resource for women with endometriosis seeking effective treatment options like excision of endometriosis.  Click Here!

Your Roadmap to Pelvic Pain Diagnosis and Treatment

Finding the cause of your pelvic pain is one of our specialties at Women’s Excellence.  Our goal is to help get you the answers you need and a treatment plan that works. Click Here!

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