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The receptionist was friendly & understanding. She answered every question I had about the doctors, nurses, & staff. The receptionist was able to get me in for my first appointment as a new patient in about a week. (That’s awesome for coming in as a new patient, some places have a long wait list for new patients) Before my first appointment I called back again with more questions. The staff was at lunch so I left a message. They called me back within a few hours. I was very impressed!! I went in for my first appointment yesterday morning. I met with Nicole. She is amazing! Very professional & thorough. She didn’t mind that I was super nervous & couldn’t stop talking. I asked so many questions & instead of being overwhelmed, annoyed, or rushing me, she answered all of them. She explained things in detail in a way that I can understand. She took her time & listened to me, all of my worries, concerns, & fears. I have been battling endometriosis for almost 20 years. I have seen my share of specialists, more trips to the ER than I can count, been through numerous treatment plans, medications, & surgeries. I have been loosing hope of ever feeling better. Nicole seems to actually care about me as a patient. She seems to genuinely want me to feel better & be out of the excruciating pain I suffer with every single day of my life. I really appreciate her understanding & respecting my choice to not have a hysterectomy. She knows that it is not a cure for endometriosis. There is no cure. Nicole seems very intelligent & well educated. Her bedside manner is wonderful!!! I needed a refill on my hormone medication because I left another team of specialists to come to this team of specialists. She was able to refill my script on the spot. I didn’t have to wait. I had to get bloodwork done & was able to get it done there & not have to go to a lab. I am so beyond thankful to have came across this team of endometriosis specialists! Thank you from the bottom of my heart Women’s Excellence!!! I have hope of having my life back!!! I know my first review is long, but I felt the need to add on. I recently met with Dr. Zaiden. What an AMAZING doctor! He answered every single one of my very long list of questions. I am so beyond thankful for that. He quickly came up with a plan for my care that I completely agree with. I am so very thankful!!! I highly recommend this doctor & his office!! I live in 24/7 pelvic pain. I have hope & am confident to have my life back!!

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