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I am not the typical patient, with my medical problems I searched for a doctor who would help.I went all over the state, country NO One would help. ” live with your pain” or ” its just your endometriosis” etc. I was having no luck… Till I found Dr. Zadian! He has saved my life! When others said nothing could be done he went outside the box and found things that worked. When that stopped he found another thing. I was getting my nerve block for endo 2+ years into it and Dr. Zadian said “I read a article that the shots we are doing is something new to try but we have been doing it before years before. I love Womens Excellence, they are the reason I don’t move states. I have never found a doctor like Dr. Zadian who actually truly cares about how I am doing. When my Mom found a lump in her breast she was at the office to bring me to my pudedal block I mentioned to him that she was making a appointment & why. Dr. Zadian stayed late that night to see my Mom and got her into a mamogram the next day. He fought for me when doctors at the er was saying its my endo when was sent by ambulance after getting sick for over 24 hours at urgent care. He told the doctors it has nothing to do with it and he was right. They took out my appendix and that pain was gone. If I shared everything Dr. Zadian has done for me I would have to write a book. I really like the office as well. Even after my surgery Lauren even called to see how I was doing. The lake Orion girls are so nice in the office. I Get to come every week and it doesn’t feel like I am at a doctors appointment just visiting friends. Jessica makes me laugh even when crying in pain. Hailey went above and beyond when I needed a ultrasound she called me when it was back working and got me in. When I had a blonde moment Christine when I am crying is trying to find a way into my car. Melissa at the endo center is so nice…. Mary…Sue. They are nice and will work with you. The medical assistants are just as amazing…. Sandy every week gives me a ice pack after my shot (nerve block) Dawn…. Honestly they all actually care. The medical assistants, office and the doctor’s. I have never been to a doctor office where they care so much. They go above and beyond and will for you. You may wait but I would rather go to a doctor who actually cares about his patients then I am just another number/money to them. I love Womens excellence they are the best!!! I could keep sharing and I mean what I have shared. I searched for a doctor who could give me answers. And I found him …I owe Dr. Zadian my life with out him I would be in a wheel chair most likely. He is a super hero in scrubs!!!

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