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Dr. Zaidan is the most wonderful doctor I have ever seen. I went to see him after my primary doctor referred me. I have suffered for more than 30 years with chronic pain, heavy periods, and hormonal imbalances. I gave up hope after being told by other doctors that “it was normal” or “there was nothing else that could be done” after the only treatment they offered was numerous birth control pills. Dr. Z did none of that! He diagnosed me right away with Endometriosis based on my symptoms, set me up for exploratory surgery which verified that diagnosis, and put me on a treatment plan to reduce/eliminate the endo from coming back. After my surgery, I was pain free right away. For the first time ever I felt like myself. I cannot express how much trust I put in this doctor. Don’t give up hope if you are suffering. The other providers just don’t have the experience Dr. Z does. You will be SO happy you made the decision to see him!

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