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I’m 23 years old and started having pains due to endometriosis about 2 years ago. The pain was excruciating but the 3 OB’s I saw basically told me it was period pain and there was nothing they could do. I found Dr. Zaidan on my own after the pain had gotten so severe and was almost constant. Him and the women’s excellence team have been my saving grace. I have had one surgery with them and immediately after they put me on hormone therapy and I just scheduled my second surgery to remove the endometriosis completely. They are the reason I don’t have to cancel plans anymore and the reason I don’t spend most of my time crying from the pain in bed. I am beyond grateful and cannot thank them enough for everything they have done for me. Even though I am not finished with treatment, I already feel SO much better and I don’t have the pains all the time like I used to. I feel like I finally have my life back.

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