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Endometriosis had ruined my sex life. I knew that I had endometriosis from my previous doctor and was taking birth control as she prescribed. My pain was getting worse and I got no other options. My husband and I were getting frustrated and it was becoming a main argument in my marraige. I went to Women’s Excellence in Endometriosis and the doctor recommended a robotic procedure to help me. I was scared to have a robot operate on me but I trusted Dr. Zaidan so I had the surgery. He told me I had endometriosis in the culdesac and that he resected it. I hurt for 2 days after the procedure and I doubted it would work. I then started some medication and after 4 months I am able to have sex with no pain. Sex is actually enjoyable now and my husband wants to take Dr. Zaidan to a football game to thank him

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