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I was scheduled to have a hysterectomy for my endometriosis. We knew I had severe endometriosis and I expected the recovery to be difficult. Dr. Zaidan recommended robotic surgey and at first I said no as I felt it would be un-natural to have a robot operate on me. Dr Zaidan reassured me that the robot was “just another tool” and that he would do the surgery. He did my other surgery and I trusted him so I let him do my hysterectomy robotically. It took two hours and he said it was very complicated with adhesions and that the endometriosis was extensive. The next day after surgery I left the hospital and the following Sunday, I went to dinner and a movie with my husband. I cannot say enough about my experience, I know that everyone is different, but my hysterectomy was easier than the laparoscopy I had a year before.

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