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Ashley H. Did a fantastic job and making sure I was comfortable during my procedure remove my catheter . She went up and beyond customer service to answer any my questions I had afterwards and to say if I had any more questions I could give her a call . Dr. Z Did my endoscope, explain the procedure prior to my surgery date. overall I have never felt so hopeful before with my treatment of endometriosis I am glad that I was transferred to this specialist building. Jen MD, my first visit was with Jen and she overall made me feel like I wasn’t crazy with my symptoms of endometriosis. She actually listen to me and was able to like explain everything in more depth. This made me feel comfortable knowing my treatment plan and that she gave me hope that something could be done to lessen my pain. she just made me feel like a person again and it was very great to actually have a doctor sit in and listen to me and say let’s work together and figure this out and let’s do this. Kate is amazing! She worked really hard to get my prior authorization to go through. Always feel comfortable with her and she is always open to any questions you may have!

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