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Cancer and Endometriosis

Given that endometriosis is related to how your cells and hormones work, it’s natural to think that it could be linked to cancer. While women with endometriosis appear to be more likely to develop gynecologic cancer, this risk is limited to certain types of ovarian cancer only.

Our Viewpoint

In clinical practice, endometriosis has been recognized as a precursor lesion of several types of malignancies and endometriosis-associated carcinoma. Cancer
progression may be associated with persistent antioxidant production favoring a protumoral microenvironment. An association between ovarian cancer and endometriosis and specifically its two histologic subtypes (endometrioid and ovarian clear cell cancer) has been seen. The Endometriosis Treatment Center of America recommends aggressive evaluation for endometriosis with tissue biopsy if applicable to ensure that we are looking for early staged ovarian malignancies. We realize that the detection of ovarian malignancy in patients with endometriosis presents a greater challenge for early diagnosis.


All patients with endometriosis should have excisional therapy with pathologic biopsy to ensure there is no current or precursors to malignant disease.

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