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Is Surgery the Best Option for Endometriosis?

Severe endometriosis can significantly impact your quality of life. If you want to have children or are finding it increasingly hard to manage the symptoms of endometriosis, your doctor might suggest endometriosis surgery. One of the most common questions that we get from our patients here at the Endometriosis Treatment Center of America is, “Is surgery the best option for endometriosis?”

While the answer to this question will not be the same for every woman, we’re here to provide an exploration of common treatment options. This list is meant to provide preliminary information so you can be informed, develop questions for your doctor, and work together to find the best treatment option for you. 

Lifestyle Changes

Your endometriosis specialist may start your treatment plan by suggesting certain lifestyle changes to manage the condition. These recommendations may include cutting out certain foods like trans fats, as well as irritants like caffeine and alcohol. You may also be encouraged to increase your daily exercise, as studies show there may be a link between exercise and endometriosis severity. Lifestyle changes may be recommended before or in addition to surgery.

Hormone Therapy

Hormone therapy can help with endometriosis by reducing the amount of estrogen that your body produces. This treatment can encourage the existing endometriosis tissue to shed, and prevent further tissue growth. Hormone therapies can take the form of a few different individual or combined pills, including birth control, estrogen, and progesterone pills. Hormone therapy does not, however, improve fertility or the chance of developing adhesions (when endometriosis tissues from different organs fuse together).

Laparoscopic Surgery

Laparoscopic surgery is the use of a thin tube (called a laparoscope) with a light and camera that helps doctors find and treat endometriosis. The doctor will make a small incision on your abdomen or belly button. They will then inflate the belly using a type of gas so they can gain a better view of your reproductive organs. 

This type of surgery is often used to identify and treat endometriosis. If the surgery is being used to treat the condition, the laparoscopy may include the removal of ovarian cysts or scarring caused by endometriosis. This type of surgery might help to improve feelings of pain caused by endometriosis. 

If you have mild or minimal endometriosis, after the initial diagnosis your doctor might suggest dietary or lifestyle changes to help manage the condition.

Robotic Excision of Endometriosis 

Many doctors recommend laparoscopic endometriosis excision, where a surgeon removes all the excess endometrial tissue from the body through a small incision. At Endometriosis Treatment Center of America, our highly trained specialists can perform a robotic excision of endometriosis for even more precise results. 

You might be considered for this treatment if you have:

  • Severe pain caused by endometriosis 
  • Trouble conceiving or a desire to become pregnant in the future
  • An ovarian cyst or a large mass of scar tissue
  • Adhesions or interference with your bowel or bladder

Your surgeon will operate special robotic devices from a tiny console, which allows them to precisely and carefully perform the delicate surgery with fewer risks. Your surgeon will use the robot like an assistant to remove excess tissue from the back and side of your uterus, your bladder, your bowel, your fallopian tubes, and any other affected organs.

The robotic system is called the Da Vinci Surgery technology. It is minimally invasive, and is a great choice for more complex procedures.


A hysterectomy is the surgical removal of the womb. After this surgery, you will no longer have periods or be able to become pregnant. For this reason, it is only recommended if you do not want to have children or your condition poses significant health risks. Your doctor will work with you to help you decide if a hysterectomy is the best decision for your health. Other, less invasive treatments will also be tried before a hysterectomy is recommended.

Surgery vs. Lifestyle Changes

No two paths to treatment will—or should—look exactly alike. Your unique body, goals, and preferences should make a difference in the way your doctor develops a treatment plan. At Endometriosis Treatment Center of America, our providers are committed to listening, exploring your options, and getting you the relief you deserve from the symptoms of endometriosis.

Robotic Excision of Endometriosis in Michigan and Beyond

Are you tired of living with the debilitating symptoms of endometriosis? Whether you are seeking a second opinion, need a new doctor who listens and cares about your wellbeing, or simply want to find out more about whether endometriosis surgery is right for you, contact us for advice and support on managing your endometriosis today!

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